Thursday, April 3, 2008

Using Niche Markets to Write Successful Sales Letters

Maybe you've written dozens of sales letters for your business, or maybe you are just starting to work on your very first sales letter. Whatever the case, keeping abreast of the information needed to craft a successful sales letter is the key to creating letters that make sales. If you already know that you need to introduce your product or service, outline the features and benefits, compare your product or service to your competitor's, and convince customers to make a purchase, you're doing well. But there is another technique that can be used to develop more successful sales letters. It's called niche marketing.

Niche marketing is a more focused form of marketing that concentrates on one specific segment of a larger market. When you select a niche, you are essentially looking at the potential customers in your field and narrowing your marketing efforts to target only a segment of these potential customers. There are many niche markets in the world, and with a little imagination, you can develop your own niche. Consider the following true-life examples of niche markets:

A CPA chooses to work exclusively with non-profit organizations

A furniture dealer focuses only on selling bedroom furniture

A book dealer focuses on selling only second hand books

A real estate agent works only with renters as opposed to buyers

As you can see from the examples above, there are many ways to narrow your focus into one specific niche. Once you find your new niche, you can think about what will appeal to these potential customers. What might appeal to the market as a whole may not appeal to your smaller niche market. Let's look at the example of a CPA who works exclusively with non-profit organizations. Because non-profit organizations deal with charitable contributions, the government requires these organizations to complete paperwork each tax year. This CPA can offer to complete this tax paperwork for potential clients. If he was dealing with the larger, overall market, not as many potential clients would be interested in this type of service.

When you start to write your sales letter, try to find ways to narrow your focus and introduce a product or service that has specific benefits. Instead of focusing on offering clarinet lessons to everyone, offer clarinet lessons for pensioners and list the benefits pensioners will get from taking lessons from you, and also offer a small discount if they present their pension card. Rather than introducing software that has many benefits for many potential customers, focus your sales letter on how the software will benefit medical professionals and outline all of the benefits that can be derived by these individuals. Once you develop a narrow market focus, you can develop a niche market-specific listing of features and benefits.

You may not like the idea of narrowing your focus when you first start out writing sales letters, however once you see the response rate of each individual sales letter compared to the response rate of one market-wide letter, you will be a true believer in the power of niche marketing. Use this technique wisely and you'll continue to reap the benefits.

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